Friday, January 2, 2009

Find the best affiliate programs and make money online with affiliate marketing! provides you with a complete guide on how to make money online with the best affiliate programs. Here you find extensive resources on affiliate marketing. We review and compare all top affiliate programs and rank the best ones. A stop here will give you all the information you need to start making money online and become a successful affiliate.
How you make big money as an affiliate
Some affiliates make huge profits - we're talking millions of dollars in a year. It's a fact. People don't know this. Affiliate marketing is a new line of business, and it has great unexploited potential.

“"In the poker niche, some poker sites pay you $300 for each player you recruit. Mortgage institutions may pay $75 for every lead, that is, your visitor doesn't even have to take a loan for you to get paid."”

Gigantic marketplace at your reach
The internet as a marketplace is huge, and still it lies waiting in your computer. If you can reach just a tiny fraction of the world's web visitors, you may see life-changing money rolling into your affiliate account.

Amazing but true!

No automatic success

Now, don't quit your day job! Not every affiliate business is successful. Making a lot of money is never easy, plenty of hard work is required. Persistency, ambition, maybe a certain talent. Good ideas will help.

But people live from their affiliate businesses, and some affiliates are extremely successful. The people behind this site have been extremely successful. In this article we'll show you how to make your affiliate business boom.
How it works

Starting up an affiliate business is very easy:
1. Build a site, if you don't already have one.
2. Sign up with a few profitable affiliate programs that are related to your site.
3. Link to the affiliate programs from your site using your personal tracking links.
4. Generate traffic to your site
5. Make your visitors want to buy the products of the affiliate programs.

That's it. If you can do this, your visitors will click on the links and purchase products from the affiliate programs - and the commission goes right into your affiliate account.
How to find the best affiliate programs

Joining affiliate programs is cost-free, and you can use our site to find the programs that are best for your business. We provide you with updated lists of the top affiliate programs in each niche, with their respective advantages.
Categories of affiliate programs are listed in the column to the right. Read our reviews and join the programs that you like. If you already have a site, make sure you choose a niche that fits your site.

Success factors for affiliates

Find a profitable niche, or
Find a niche with easy competition
Find a niche that you like
Create great content
Learn more at
Put in the hours